Types of Support

The types of support and qualifications for organizations to receive funding can change.  The information contained in this website may or may not reflect current funding practices.

The Ed & Betty Manoyan Foundation (Foundation) typically makes two types of funding available to qualified organizations.  These are defined as donations and grants.

Donations:  Donations are made to qualified organizations to help support their normal operations, or in special situations where they need additional funding to provide expanded or additional services to their constituencies.  Examples of this type of support would be annual fund drives and drives to assist people who have experienced adversities caused by natural disasters.  Organizations can submit requests for donations and the Foundation will consider those requests along with others that have been received or are otherwise being considered when making decisions regarding what donations to award.  At times, the Foundation will make donations to organizations on an unsolicited basis because they fit within the Mission and Goals of the Foundation and are deemed to be within the spirit of Ed and Betty Manoyan’s wishes for charitable contributions.

Grants:  Grants typically are made in response to requests from qualified organizations for funds that would be used for such purposes as to help:

  • Start a new program that serves a constituency that the Foundation deems important to its Mission.  Such grants may be for the entire program or for a portion of a program.  Key considerations include whether there is a real need being served that fits the Foundation’s Mission, whether the program will be sustainable over time, and how effectively and efficiently the program can be operated.
  • Expand an existing program that is already successful but could be enhanced with additional financial support.  Key considerations include whether the expansion will prove more or better services to the organization’s constituency, and whether such an expansion can be sustained and operated effectively and efficiently over time.
  • Stabilize an existing program that is experiencing difficulties but serves a constituent group that is deemed important to the Foundation’s Mission.  Key considerations include whether and for how long the program could continue to operate, what other funding will be needed to sustain the program, and whether the difficulties being experienced are the result of operating inefficiencies or lack of need by the targeted constituency.

Both donations and grants may be made at any time within a year.  However, many are provided towards the end of the calendar year when the financial capabilities of the Foundation become better defined.  This is in keeping with one of the Foundation’s Goals to maintain flexibility in its capacity to advance causes that serve it Mission.