Qualifications for Applying

Qualifications for organizations seeking support from the Ed & Betty Manoyan Foundation (Foundation) can change.  The information contained in this website may or may not reflect current policy.

The primary qualifications for an organization seeking either donations or grants are that it:

  • Is, and is able to prove that it is, a not-for-profit organization as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Generally, these are designated as 501(c)(3) organizations.  However, some other 501(c) designations, and some private foundations not designated as 501(c)(3) organizations, may also qualify for applying for Foundation donations or grants.
  •  Is not an organization primarily involved in political or legislative advocacy.  The Foundation does not provide financial support for political or legal causes, and no portion of any donations or grants it makes can be used for political or legislative advocacy purposes.
  • Is not involved in promoting any particular religion or religious cause.  The Foundation does not provide financial support for efforts to encourage or discourage any particular religion or religious cause(s).
  • Is not a professional fundraising entity.  The Foundation only makes donations and grants directly to organizations which provide charitable services.  The Foundation will not consider requests made by third parties such as fundraising companies.

In addition to those primary qualifications, preference for funding may be given to an organization which also is able to:

  • Provide past financial records showing its sources of revenues and expenditures on an annual basis.
  • Demonstrate that it is financially and operationally stable, and will be able to sustain operations in future years.
  • Show what percent of its revenues are used for direct services and what percent of its revenues are used to cover its operational overhead.  Preference may be given to an organization which uses a high percentage of its revenues to provide direct services rather than to cover overhead expenses (i.e., has a low overhead).
  • Demonstrate how it measures the results of its activities and how it can measure the results of any funds provided by the Foundation.  This is especially important for an organization seeking a grant from the Foundation.
  • Provide services in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Because Ed and Betty Manoyan lived the majority of their lives within the San Francisco Bay Area, some preference may be given to organizations providing services within this geographic area.  However, depending on the cause, the Foundation will definitely consider providing donations and grants to organizations that operate outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.