About Ed and Betty Manoyan

Ed and Betty Manoyan were long-time residents of San Francisco, California.  Married in 1953, they remained each other’s best friend and companion until Ed passed away in 1989.  Betty never remarried and passed away in 2010.  They did not have children, but the schnauzers they had over the years were important members of their household.

Ed was a highly successful manufacturer’s representative for a prestigious writing instrument company.  He was a relatively quiet and gentle person with a subtle sense of humor.  His kindness and integrity made him tremendously popular in both his personal and business relationships.   In addition to being a devoted husband, he was an avid golfer.  Ed was a member of The Olympic Club in San Francisco and played golf regularly well into his 70s.

Betty came to the San Francisco Bay Area from Canada.  She owned and operated a hat shop in downtown San Francisco for many years on an “appointment only” basis.  Her customers included many in San Francisco’s social scene.  Throughout her life, Betty displayed an exceptionally sharp mind and wit, and was a widely respected dominoes and mahjong player.  More than anything else, she considered herself to be very fortunate in life, and was an extraordinarily caring and generous individual.  She had a long history of making a wide range of charitable contributions.  It was Betty’s expressed wish that this Foundation be created.

In the 1950’s, Ed and Betty purchased the home of famed-architect Julia Morgan from Ms. Morgan’s estate.  They lived in this house until their deaths.  Despite their financial success, both Ed and Betty were strongly committed to living well within their means, and enjoyed spending on others more than spending on themselves.

Their values of concern for others and not being wasteful are carried on through the Ed & Betty Manoyan Foundation.